Relentlessly fighting online ad fraud.

Forensiq Identifies Mobile Device Hijacking.

Mobile Device Hijacking

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What We Do

What we do is pretty simple yet at the same time incredibly complex.

With our advanced technology plus an obsessive team of data scientists we help you eliminate impression fraud, click fraud, affiliate fraud and cookie stuffing.

Forensiq works hard for you before, during and after you run your campaign.

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Forensiq works by leveraging a multi-layered approach to fighting fraud. Here are the major methodologies we use.


Online fraudsters tend to commit bad acts repetitively. That’s where our massive fraud intelligence database comes in. It includes IP and forensic reputation data updated in real time for reliable information about just about every visitor. What’s unique about our database is that it’s always learning from our clients and evolving through the work of our data science team. It’s there to make the online ad world a safer place for all of us.


Our innovative technology allows us to detect if ads are seen by real humans and determine for how long they are exposed. Beyond simple viewability, we can tell you when an ad has been intentionally hidden behind other ads or has been placed outside a website’s bounds. Our solution overcomes the challenges posed by multiple iframes and works with all major browsers to help you optimize well beyond the IAB guidelines for ad viewability.


True URL allows clients to see the URL of the top browser window even when the ad has been iframed multiple times or the publisher is not reporting an accurate URL to the exchange. It helps address the problems of botnet traffic, brand safety and inaccurate targeting.


Forensiq’s expertise in automated fraud detection has enabled us to fight ad fraud more effectively. Through our global presence on billions of impressions every day and sophisticated machine learning algorithms we can accurately identify traffic from botnets, hijacked devices, malicious script injection and other automated means. This means better detection plus the ability to stay steps ahead of the bad actors.


Our proxy unmasking technology uncovers proxies, compromised computers and botnets; all clear signs of fraud. These tactics are used frequently to generate fake impressions, clicks and conversions. We have an incredible wealth of experience looking at IP addresses and users based on their historical characteristics and behavior. We can see behind proxies to identify bad behavior before it affects your business in a negative way.


Fraudsters often use operating systems and browser manipulation to spoof their real identity and simulate real traffic. We look for anomalies within traffic to identify instances of device manipulation, where a fraudulent user or bot would display a specific pattern within the HTTP request and JavaScript characteristics of the browser.

How it Works

At Forensiq we’re dedicated to helping your business work better without fraud.

Our System is Easy To Implement:


Our easy to implement JavaScript tag makes getting started with Forensiq a snap. It can be inserted on your site and in your ads. We also support all major tag management and affiliate tracking platforms.


Clients use our API on the server side to get real-time scores and import data into their platform. Our Technology and Account Management teams are always available to help with custom integrations of our tag and API.


Our client interface and reports are designed to be both timely and useful. We’ll give you the data you need to run your business more efficiently. Here’s a quick view of our highly customizable real-time reporting.


Save custom filters and focus on actionable items in one click.


View breakdowns by source, sub source, campaign, and domain to see a more granular view of your traffic

Reason Codes and Summary Stats

Understand why traffic was scored as high-risk and analyze fraud trends right within the browser.


Download more details on each row of data and plug into your BI system or use as further proof of high-risk activity.

User Permissions

Give everyone in your organization access to a view customized for what matters most to them.

Email Alerts

Receive real-time notifications with actionable information for the right people.

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Forensiq Won the 2014 LeadsCouncil LEADER Award for Best-In-Class Fraud Detection and the 2013 LeadsCouncil LEADER Award for Innovation.

Client Categories

Forensiq serves a host of companies of all sizes throughout the online advertising and e-commerce world. That’s because what we do is both cost effective and easy to implement.

Brand And Direct Response Advertisers

We know that online advertisers want to spend more money in digital channels as long as they can prove that it works. Forensiq enables buying quality non- fraudulent impressions that can be seen by a human. This ensures less waste and better performance. It’s a pretty simple calculation.

Major Media Buying Agencies

We know that at smart media buying agencies the fortunes of the agency and their clients are intertwined. There is an advantage of using Forensiq as part of the media buying process as well as the post media buy evaluation. It will mean a more efficient buy, better results and ultimately a superior ROI. That’s great both for agencies and their clients as superior results are what keeps clients aligned to agencies for the long term.

DSPs, Exchanges And Ad Servers

If you’re dealing in high volume digital media including programmatic buying/selling Forensiq provides a huge advantage. Part of your dataset should be the quality of the impressions you are serving, and non-human or fraudulent impressions do no one any good except for the bad guys.

Trading Desks

Agency trading desks can benefit from Forensiq too. Whether you’re buying for your clients or arbitraging for your own account, quality counts. We give you the ability to tell whether an impression is real or bogus in a pre-bid environment. This means better performance. And better results.

Ad Networks

At the end of the day, ad networks want to serve impressions that work. So when an advertiser wants to build awareness or sell something on a direct response basis, it makes sense to provide a high quality media environment with impressions that do what they are supposed to do. Eliminating non-human or fraudulent impressions will help you charge a premium and keep your clients coming back for more.

Affiliate and Lead Gen Firms

At Forensiq our heritage is in the performance space. That means we’ve developed our technology to adapt well to performance based metrics and attribution. In the lead gen space we’ve won awards for our innovation and ability to fight fraud. We’d love to use our experience to work for you.


There’s no secret to the fact that quality sells. And we work with publishers every day to make certain that they deliver the highest quality, well lit and human viewed traffic. This may mean fewer impressions being served, but overall will result in higher CPMs and revenue.

E-commerce Companies

At Forensiq we’ve tackled the problem of cookie stuffing with a vengeance. There are many fraudsters that are stealing credits for conversions by placing illicit cookies in hidden iframes, browser toolbars and pop-under windows diverting revenue from the true referring source right in the pockets of the crooks. With our simple JavaScript tag we can monitor every point of interaction and help end cookie stuffing now.

Select Clients

Forensiq has been an excellent partner for helping to solve for both ad fraud and detection of hidden players. We have been impressed with their product, innovation and the quality of their service. We look forward to working with them even more closely in the future.

– Sean Crawford, SVP, Global Head of Marketplaces & Inventory,