About Us

We’re a group of folks that have taken on one of the biggest challenges of our collective professional lifetimes. Making the online advertising and e-commerce ecosystem better is something that’s good for all of us.

Acknowledged as one of the world’s leading advertising fraud detection experts, David started Forensiq in 2010 and has been working in the technology space for nearly 15 years. Prior to Forensiq, David was the CIO of Spire Vision (now part of Zeta Interactive), a marketing firm that he grew from startup through acquisition to Caivis. David serves on several fraud and quality related tasks forces for the PMA, IAB, and OLA. He received his BS in Computer and Information Sciences from The University of Maryland at College Park.

Mike has a great track record of success building teams that sell advertising technology services. He thrives in complex situations where the pace of change happens rapidly. Mike’s multi-channel experience includes Sizmek (fka Mediamind/Eyeblaster acquired by DG); Beanstock, the industry’s first publisher trading desk; Eyewonder; PointRoll and DoubleClick. He studied at Northeastern University and received his degree from Arizona State.

Leading product strategy at Forensiq, Antoni has a passion for building solutions that change the world. He has been an integral part of the team since the outset in 2010 and is now focused on taking the most comprehensive fraud detection solution for online advertisers to the next level. He graduated from St. John’s Peter Tobin College of Business with a Bachelor’s in Business Management and experience in Business Management, Online Technology, Graphic Design and Non-Profit Organizations.


Forensiq Has Won The LeadsCouncil LEADER Award for Best-In-Class Fraud Detection and the LeadsCouncil LEADER Award for Innovation.


We are honored to work with a group of trusted industry partners.